Our Mission

Indie Blends is a small company based in Fort Lauderdale, FL committed to creating and all natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free skin care and fragrance for women and men. Each product is handcrafted in micro batches to assure freshness and high quality control. We are as conscious about what we put on our bodies as we are about what we put into our bodies. For these reasons, Cathy Balanoff created Indie Blends in 2015. After becoming a certified aromatherapist and plant based nutrition advocate, she turned her family kitchen into an organic skin care laboratory. Soon after she moved to her studio and Indie Blends was born. 

We are conscious of each step in our process from the sourcing and quality of our ingredients and packaging. Each of our ingredients are sustainably sourced and mapped with strict awareness of our responsibilty to the earth and all it's inhabitants. Each product is an intention of kindness and love that encourages women to feel confident with their inner and outer beauty.

If we can live a happy, fulfilling and healthy life with our harming any creature of the earth, why wouldn't we?